Flourish is a local, independent business that’s focused on giving your garden the personal touch. We have the flexibility to tailor our services to your specific needs, at a cost that fits your budget, with everything quoted in advance.

We put a big emphasis on professionalism and service - and stick to our appointments. Doing the job well matters to us. We want your neighbours to cast envious glances over the fence.

Free consultation

We are happy to visit your garden to discuss your requirements and assess your garden. It’s a free initial consultation on the options and possibilities, be it for a one-off project or more regular visits.

Save time – get results

Garden maintenance

Looking after your garden is a drain on your valuable time. We can keep your outdoor space neat and tidy for you, while ensuring your plants are all in good health.

Lawn maintenance

A well groomed lawn is a thing of beauty. But keeping it in good shape is a chore. We’ll do the mowing and keep the weeds at bay. And if your grass is struggling, we’ll find a way to get it in shape.

Pruning (routine & regenerative)

Shrubs, roses and fruit trees can take pride of place in your garden - though they need careful attention if they’re to thrive.

Refresh & revitalise

Garden tidy-ups

You’ll be amazed at the difference a tidy up and just a few little changes can make to a garden that’s been left a little neglected. We can bring the life and sparkle back for you through a one-off service.

Garden makeovers

Sometimes radical action is called for, especially if you’ve recently moved in or you’re just not making the most of your space. We’d love to explore a full makeover with you – and then help you create a space that’s truly special.

Flourish for the future

Advice & Planting

Nothing makes us prouder than seeing a garden evolve and grow over time. We’re here with advice on making the most of your space - and offer a flexible, year-round garden planting and aftercare service. You can choose as much or as little assistance as you want, varying it through the seasons to suit your gardens needs.

  • Seasonal planting - pots and borders
  • Plant advice & planting - right plant in the right place
  • Successional plant planning - all year round garden interest
  • Plant division - making more of what you already have

Maximise any space

In our corner of South East London, residential homes come with an incredible variety of outdoor spaces.

You might have a whole garden. But it could be a section of space or a communal garden. In which case, we’ll find a solution that works for everyone involved.

We also relish the challenge of working with backyards, balconies or roof terraces. There are lots of ways to bring some colour and a bit of nature to whatever outdoor area you have.